Youth SUD Treatment Continuum. Sadly, AB 2328 (Nazarian) never emerged from the graveyard for many bills, the Appropriations Committee. Yet, other bills address pieces of the problem of lack of SUD services for youth. CPA will play a part in promoting them.

IN PLAY. Loan Repayment Incentive Bills AB 2018 (Maienschein) and AB 2143 (Caballero) both passed the Assembly by unanimous consent and are waiting in the Senate. AB 2018 will be heard in Senate Health Committee on June 6.

IN PLAY. Online Psychiatric Bed Registry. Set aside last year because of opposition from the state Department of Public Health, AB 1136 (Eggman) is back in play. A recent meeting with DPH made some small progress outlining strategies for addressing current obstacles that could lead to success. AB 1136 waits in the Senate.

IN PLAY IN A BIG WAY. CPA requested $1 million in state funds to support fellowships for psychiatric education of primary care physicians which was approved last week by the Assembly. It now waits in the Joint Budget Conference Committee which reconciles differences in the proposed budgets from the two houses. The final product must be presented to the Governor for his signature by midnight June 15.

IN PLAY IN A BIG WAY. Changes in involuntary treatment laws always stir up strong feelings in the Capitol. AB 1971 (Santiago) is a perfect example. Who would have thought that trying to prevent people with severe mental illness from dying on the streets from preventable health conditions would engender fierce opposition? Despite a coalition of patient rights and client groups opposed to AB 1971 it received a vote of confidence when it passed off the floor of the Assembly 75-0 on Wednesday.