Academic Liaison

Lawrence Gross, M.D., Chair

Art of Psychiatric Medicine Committee

Michelle Furuta, M.D., Chair

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COI/Policy Review Committee

Erick Cheung, M.D., Chair

Constitution and By-Laws Committee

William Vollero, M.D., Chair

Disaster Response Committee

Danielle Chang, M.D., Chair

Early Career Psychiatry Committee

Michelle Meshman, M.D., Co-Chair
Katherine Unverferth, M.D., Co-Chair

Ethics Committee

William Arroyo, M.D., Co-Chair
Robert Burchuk, M.D., Co-Chair

Fellowship and Awards Committee

Lawrence Gross, M.D., Co-Chair
Larry Lawrence, M.D., Co-Chair

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Issues Committee

Stan Harris, M.D., Chair

Government Affairs Committee

Ronald Thurston, M.D., Chair

International Medical Graduates Committee

Hanumantha Damerla, M.D., Chair

Medicare Task Force

David Trader, M.D., Chair

Membership Committee

Ijeoma Ijeaku, M.D., Chair

Newsletter Committee

Matthew Goldenberg, D.O., Editor

Private Practice Committee

Michael Gales, M.D., Chair

Program Committee/CME

Michael Gales, M.D., Chair

Public Affairs Committee

Christina Ford, M.D.

Residents Committee

Katherine Camfield, M.D.
Vivian Tang, M.D.

Tellers Committee


Volunteerism Committee

Michelle Furuta, M.D., Chair

Website Committee

Katherine Unverferth, M.D., Chair

Women’s Committee

Janet Martin, M.D., Co-Chair

Kristina Eipl, M.D., Co-Chair

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Finance Interest Group

Danielle Chang, M.D., Co-Chair

George Fouras, M.D. Co-Chair

Zeb Little, M.D., Co-Chair

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