SCPS General Member Dues 2020

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SCPS Membership Dues 2020

Pro-Rated Dues – 2020

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SCPS – Dues Structure (Annual)

  • Resident-Fellow Member – $100.00 (1st Year’s Dues are Waived for PGY1, PGY2, PGY3)
  • First Year Post Residency – $107.00
  • Second Year Post Residency – $214.00
  • Full Dues – General Member/Fellow/Distinguished Fellow – $321.00
  • Life Member – First Five Years – $214.00
  • Life Member – Second Five Years – $107.00 

When your age and your years as a member equal 95 you become a Life Member. The first five years as a Life Member, your dues are reduced to 2/3 the full dues amount. The second five years as a Life Member, your dues are reduced to 1/3 the full dues amount. After ten years you become dues exempt.

CPA Portion (Annual)

  • Resident-Fellow Member – CPA Dues Exempt
  • First & Second Year Post Residency – $133.00
  • Third, Fourth & Fifth Year Post Residency – $265.00
  • Sixth Year Post Residency and greater – Full Dues – General Member/Fellow/Distinguished Fellow – $398.00
  • Life Member – First Five Years – $265.00
  • Life Member – Second Five Years – $133.00 

Please Contact Us with any questions or concerns,
or call (310) 815-3650 for assistance.

Benefits of Membership

General Membership

  • Representation and Advocacy at the Local, State, and National Levels
  • Membership includes The American Journal of Psychiatry, the nation’s leading publication for psychiatrists, and Psychiatric News, APA’s bi-monthly newspaper that offers the latest developments on psychiatry related topics, such as health care, service delivery, Medicare/Medicaid and international news.
  • Opportunity to Network with fellow Psychiatrists through Committee work, CME and Social Events
  • Opportunity to Get Involved!
  • Online access to SCPS Membership Directory
  • Premiere CME
  • Access to Managed Care Hotline, CPT Coding Services, and Practice Guidelines
  • Classified AD Discounts in our Monthly Newsletter.
  • Discounted Registration for Scientific Meetings

You are joining one of the most dynamic specialty medical organizations in the United States.
Together we ensure that our patients have access to quality care, our profession is recognized and respected, and our professional lives are rewarding. 

Organized Psychiatry is the force that stands between special interests and the dismantling of structures that ensure quality psychiatric care and your professional practice.

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