SCPS Presents

Champions of Social Justice: Psychiatry in Marginalized Communities

A series of 9 short documentaries featuring SCPS member psychiatrists working in the field of minority mental health.

SCPS Docuseries Workgroup: Ijeoma Ijeaku, MD, Galya Rees, MD, Tatjana Josic, DO, Christina Ford, MD, William Arroyo, MD

Thank you PRMS – Professional Risk Management Services for a generous grant to make this series possible.

The Series features:
Huey Merchant, MD (September 2021)
Deborah Deas, MD (October 2021)
PK Fonsworth, MD (November 2021)
Roderick Shaner, MD (December 2021)
Kristen Ochoa, MD (January 2022)
Torie Sepah, MD (February 2022)
Gary Tsai, MD (March 2022)
Danielle Chang, MD (April 2022)
Gillian Friedman, MD (May 2022)