SCPS Presents

Champions of Social Justice: Psychiatry in Marginalized Communities

A series of 9 short documentaries featuring SCPS member psychiatrists working in the field of minority mental health.

SCPS Docuseries Workgroup: Ijeoma Ijeaku, MD, Galya Rees, MD, Tatjana Josic, DO, Christina Ford, MD, William Arroyo, MD

Thank you PRMS – Professional Risk Management Services for a generous grant to make this series possible.

The Series features:
Huey Merchant, MD
Deborah Deas, MD
PK Fonsworth, MD
Roderick Shaner, MD
Kristen Ochoa, MD
Torie Sepah, MD
Gary Tsai, MD
Danielle Chang, MD
Gillian Friedman, MD

Episode #1:
Huey Merchant, MD (September 2021)