This page contains links to selected SCPS Council resolutions and actions since the beginning of 2021 that are relevant to government policy and associated SCPS advocacy.  It provides a high level overview of key policy and advocacy activities by SCPS.

  • Resolution opposing termination of state/LPS contracts (link)
  • Resolution to take support if amended position on AB (Weiner) 988 Mental health: 988 crisis hotline (link)
  • Resolution to oppose any attempts to change name of California Physician Assistant License (link)
  • Action to support California DPH Covid Vaccine and other scare resource priority for patients with schizophrenia using same criteria as other medical disorders (link)
  • Resolution to take Watch position on SB-221 (Weiner) Health care coverage: timely access to care (link)
  • Action to require social justice analysis of potential SCPS advocacy positions (link)
  • Establishment of SCPS George L. Mallory Diversity, Culture and Racial Justice Award (link)