Safe injection sites, AB 362 (Eggman) , providing overdose prevention, failed legislative deadlines, but is a two-year bill eligible to be taken up again in 2020. CPA supported.
Diagnosis mandate on prescriptions and pill bottles, AB 387 (Gabriel) , has been amended to set up a task force to study means to reduce adverse drug events. A two-year bill. CPA instrumental in amending the bill.
CPA loan forgiveness program bill for psychiatrists, AB 565 (Maienschein), held in Senate Appropriations Committee because the program is an oversubscribed program with limited funds. Dead.
Maternal mental health, AB 577 (Eggman), coverage extended in Medi-Cal from one month to 12 months. Signed by the Governor. CPA supported.
Naloxone mandate cleanup bill, AB 714 (Wood) signed by the Governor. CPA worked to achieve amendments clarifying when naloxone scrips and education must be provided. More work to be done here.
Sugar sweetened beverage non-sale distribution incentives, AB 764 (Bonta), has become a two-year bill after failing to overcome industry lobbying pressure on the floor of the Assembly. CPA and other medical specialty societies supported this measure, and will try to move it in 2020.
Information required to be distributed by physicians on non-pharmacological treatments for pain, AB 888 (Low) , was sponsored by chiropractors and made a two-year bill after intense lobbying by the medical community including the CPA.

Inmate continuous eligibility for Medi-Cal while incarcerated, AB 914 (Holden), was vetoed by the Governor, who indicated it conflicted with federal law in several respects. This is closer to success than any of a previous half dozen bills with the same subject matter.

Housing conservatorships for co-occuring serious mental illness and substance use disorders, SB 40 (Wiener), were strengthened by this clean-up bill for a pilot program in San Francisco. CPA consulted on and help to support this bill against stiff opposition from disability rights groups.

Immunization medical exemption loopholes were closed, SB 276 (Pan), in this fiercely opposed and controversial bill signed by the governor. CPA supported.
Delayed school start times, SB 328 (Portantino) , forbids high schools from commencing instruction before 8:30am, or intermediate schools before 8:00am. Signed by the Governor, supported by CPA.
Substance use treatment for youth, SB 445 (Portantino) , was vetoed by the Governor who opined that it because of significant budgetary impacts should be considered in next year’s budget. CPA’s similar bill also failed.