$100 billion. State budget surplus has reached an astounding $75.7 billion which, combined with federal stimulus funds of just over $26 billion, fuel Governor Newsom’s $100 billion “California Roars Back” plan. More detail available in the Governor’s May Revised budget published May 14. Broad spending priorities were leaked beforehand, with big chunks being directed to stimulus checks for the middle and working class, even bigger checks for families with kids. Rental assistance and arrears utility payments, housing and school and early school initiatives, homelessness – all will benefit from large infusions of cash. Historic. More detailed analysis available soon. For example, the May Revision proposes a statewide, comprehensive transformation of the behavioral health system for all Californians age 25 and younger with a $1 billion appropriation. Selected pieces include:

  • New Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative, $83 million.
  • Grants to Support Development and Expand Age-Appropriate and Evidence-Based Behavioral Health Programs for Children and Youth, $10 million
  • Behavioral Health Continuum Infrastructure Program $2.455 billion total funds over three years to construct, acquire and rehabilitate real estate assets (part of which will be devoted to facilities for children and youth).
  • Provider Training $50 million one-time for pediatric, primary care, and other health care provider training in 2022-23.
  • New Dyadic Services Benefit in Medi-Cal includes coordination of care, child social-emotional health and safety, developmentally appropriate parenting, and maternal mental health $200 million.