On Wednesday, August 10, the Senate Select Committee on Mental Health and Addiction (chaired by Senator Scott Wiener) will hold an informational hearing: Timely Access to Mental Health Care and Compliance with SB 221, Chapter 724 (Statutes of 2021). SB 221 is the latest parity bill to become law (effective July 1 of this year).

The hearing agenda is being finalized and will tentatively consist of the following:

Departments (Department of Managed Health Care / California Department of Insurance) giving status updates on implementation
Plans will be giving an update on the implementation of SB 221
Providers will be speaking on their experience regarding timely access to care and SB 221 implementation
Patient perspectives

As soon as this hearing was noticed, SYASL jumped on it to see if CSAP could provide expert testimony. The committee enthusiastically agreed. Government Affairs Chairwoman Dr. Emily Wood will testify for CSAP. If you have thoughts about the parity in general, or the most recent changes to law, please email Paul Yoder asap. CSAP will do its best to include your perspective time permitting.