CPA in April 2019 argued that AB 890 was over-broad and would allow family practice nurse practitioners to practice psychiatry. Without required training in psychiatry. Independent of ANY physician supervision. It looks like that argument has risen to the fore. Unsafe any way you look at it. CPA’s example identified a more general flaw in AB 890. This flaw would allow any FNP to practice any specialty. Fifteen months later, the “practice any specialty” argument has traction. Key Senate committee members, taking cognizance of it, wonder if AB 890 goes too far.

Guardrails. Essentially safety devices. Guardrails would add additional education and training commensurate with more independent NP practice. AB 890 has none. The author wants none. The sponsors, the California Association of Nurse Practitioners, want none. This is actually a good thing in terms of the trajectory of AB 890: the less willing to compromise, the harder it is to move your bill forward against significant opposition. Which AB 890 has.