AB 890Assemblymember Wood’s Nurse Practitioner bill moved off the suspense file to the Senate floor. I am busy lining up appointments with key senators to convince them to help prevent its passage. Chalk up one who has pledged not to vote yes on it. Political calculus on votes tells us we need to keep up the pressure.

BackgroundAB 890 passed from the Senate Appropriations Committee on a 4-2 vote, the two Republican’s voting NAY. Passage is hugely bad news. Only one step from getting the bill to Governor Newsom for signature. We ask that you do more to help stop this bill. Call or write to your state senator and ask them to vote No when the bill comes up for a vote on the Senate floor. Bills have until August 31st to pass.

Act Now. Find your senator here. You can find contact information, including the phone number for your senator’s capitol office or a link to send an email here. As always, please contact me directly if you need any assistance getting your letter to the right place or finding the number to call.

Win, lose and draw. Final countdown on other important bills. T-minus 9 days and counting, 2019-2020 legislative session ends August 31st.

Scorecard. AB 1976 (Eggman, Laura’s Law) moves off the suspense file to the Senate floor.

AB 2112 (Ramos, Suicide Prevention) moves off the suspense file to the Senate floor.

AB 3242 (Irwin, 5150 telehealth evals) awaiting a vote on the Senate floor.

SB 665 (Umberg, Jail MHSA funds) held on the suspense file in the Assembly (dead).

SB 855 (Wiener, Parity) moves off the suspense file to the Assembly floor.