AB 890. The clock is ticking as AB 890 sits in the Senate Appropriations Committee after passing out of the Senate Business and Professions Committee, 7-1. Lobbyists will meet this afternoon after publication time (August 14), after having met last Monday (August 10) to conduct a postmortem. The consensus was the opposition coalition had momentum going into the hearing, and the author outflanked the committee and the opposition by offering last minute amendments few had seen, asking they be accepted by the committee. Bad procedure, to amend a bill in committee without notice and without copies of the amendments to the committee and to the public. But it worked for the author as Senator Glazer relented. So much could be said critically about that process.

AB 890, the drill. The drill is the same for advocates. This time target is Senate Appropriation Committee members if you are constituents of a member, the Chair, Senator Anthony Portantino and Janelle Myashiro, staff on the Committee, if you are not.

Your Message: Please hold AB890!