The race to the finish continues as the Governor has been busy trying to clear his desk in order to meet the September 30 deadline for action on legislation sent to him in August. As of last week, the Governor had acted on just over 400 bills with around a 4% veto rate, which meant there were around 700 more bills for him to act on.

Governor Signs CMA-sponsored Bill on Physician Sexual Misconduct

The California Medical Association sponsored AB 1636 (Dr. Akilah Weber) to require denial of an initial physician and surgeon license application, require automatic physician and surgeon license revocation, and require denial of a petition from a physician and surgeon to reinstate a license for individuals who have committed acts of sexual abuse, misconduct, or relations with a patient. CSAP supported this bill.

Yes, STILL Waiting….

Another week has gone by without the Governor taking any action of the CSAP co-sponsored bills authored by Senator Eggman (SB 929SB 1035SB 1227SB 1238). Ditto regarding AB 988 (Bauer – Kahan) the suicide hotline bill.

You may view the most up-to-date matrix of bills on Conservatorship / LPS Reform here. You may view the matrix of all other bills tracked by CSAP here. New: If you would like to view the CSAP supported bills that have been signed by the Governor so far, see here.

Looking Ahead to 2023 – One Example of a Possible Sponsorship Proposal

Here’s an example of an idea that was submitted to CSAP in the last week: Utah, Virginia and Washington allow people to ban themselves from impulsively buying a gun – why not California as well? Nine additional states are already considering adoption, and there is talk of possibly taking such a law nationwide through congressional action. You can read more about how this is already working in other states here: The Voluntary Gun Law Preventing Suicides.

Please keep the ideas flowing into Paul Yoder at SYASL.