SB 929, SB 1035, and SB 1227 have been signed by the Governor. Unfortunately, SB 1238 (Behavioral health services: existing and projected needs) was vetoed. You can view the veto message here.

SB 929 (Eggman) Community mental health services: data collection
Requires the State Department of Health Care Services to collect additional data on the implementation of the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act annually.

SB 1035 (Eggman) Mental health services: assisted outpatient treatment
Allows courts to conduct status hearings with a person who is subject to an assisted outpatient treatment (AOT) order and their treatment team to receive information regarding progress and adherence to the treatment plan, including medication adherence and other items.

SB 1227 (Eggman) Involuntary commitment: intensive treatment
Allows for a single 30-day extension of the existing option for 30-day intensive treatment. Our hope is that an additional 30 days to recover can reduce the need for a conservatorship.