SB 43 (Eggman) Behavioral health

CSAP’s co-sponsored legislation, SB 43 (Eggman) pertaining to conservatorship, passed off the suspense file in the Senate Appropriations Committee and is heading for a floor vote. Santa Clara County has moved to a Support if Amended position. CSAP’s advocates at SYASL believe that other counties may follow Santa Clara’s lead in suggesting amendments to the bill.

Suspense Files

This week the Assembly and Senate Appropriations Committees held their respective suspense file hearings. Many bills were held in committee or made into 2-year bills. You may read an article from the Sacramento Bee discussing this time-honored but strange and mysterious process: Hundreds of bills die quietly at Capitol.

CSAP Government Affairs Committee

Last night, CSAP’s Governmental Affairs Committee recommended positions on the following bills and the Board concurred:

AB 19 (Patterson, Joe) Pupil health: opioid antagonists
AB 816 (Haney) Minors: consent to medical care
AB 1166 (Bains) Liability for opioid antagonist administration
AB 1288 (Reyes) Health care coverage: Medication-assisted treatment
AB 1412 (Hart) Pretrial diversion: borderline personality disorder
AB 1584 (Weber) Criminal procedure: competence to stand trial
ACR 70 (Pellerin) Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month
ACR 75 (Ramos) Mental Health Awareness Month
SR 9 (Skinner) Relative to reproductive health
SCR 61 (Seyarto) Suicide Prevention Week
SR 39 (Wiener) Relative to National Mental Health Awareness Month

Support if Amended:
AB 1360 (McCarty) Hope California: Secured Residential Treatment Pilot Program – CSAP will try to secure clarifications in this bill that the pilot program must utilize a medical model, ensure that there is addiction medicine MD/DO involvement, and that judges have discretion with respect to the expungement of criminal records.

AB 718 (Ta) Veterans: Mental health
SB 58 (Wiener) Controlled substances: hallucinogenic substances

AB 1070 (Low) Physician assistants: physician supervision: exceptions