We’ve have had recent conversations to move the ball forward and improve the CPA grave disability bill, AB 1971, which will, in all likelihood, be reintroduced in 2019. Other conversations are refining an approach to 2019 legislation providing a continuum of care for youth with substance use issues – after two CPA vehicles were not successful in 2018. We are working as well with a legislator who would like to see a mental health curriculum for secondary school students. After the shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, high school students approached this California Assemblymember and complained that “nobody ever tells us anything”. A curriculum could change that. And, we hear rumblings that the state will itself initiate expanded funding for loan repayment incentives for physicians serving in underserved areas. Would like to think that CPA’s two 2018 bills had something to do with that process. Please VOTE!!!