AB 890. Nurse Practitioner Bill Amended and set for hearing. Saturday, August 8 at 11am. Teleconference participation instructions HERE for your “me too” testimony. Live-streaming will be available at www.senate.ca.gov for you to observe. AB 890 is first up on the agenda in a special order of business. Expect the special order of business to last several hours.

Amendments. New AB 890 amendment doesn’t address issues of concern to CPA (or CMA or other medical specialty societies). The one substantive amendment addresses disciplinary action guidance the proposed NP advisory board must provide to the Board of Registered Nursing. Other amendments are more technical in nature.

Me too. “Me too” testimony is limited to signaling your opposition by stating your name, affiliation and position on the bill. Like this: “I’m Roger Hammerstein, MD. I’m a child and adolescent psychiatrist practicing in a solo practice in Placerville, California. I strongly opposed AB 890.” That’s it. If you attempt substantive testimony, your microphone can be muted.

Calling in. Be prepared for several hundred people to provide “me too” testimony on both sides. Call in early. The operator will assign you a line number. Write it down. The operator will mute you. You’ll wait, maybe a substantial amount of time. Listen for the operator to announce that those wishing to provide ‘oppose’ testimony should push the number 1, then the number 0, (10) on your phone. This will signal you wish to be put in line to testify. Then listen for the operator to announce your number: “Line 633, your line is open. Please go ahead.”