The Yes on Prop 1 Coalition has released a press statement as follows:

Voters Approve Proposition 1, Landmark Measure to Fund Mental Health and Homelessness Programs

The major overhaul to California’s mental health funding system and $6.4 billion bond will expand access for hundreds of thousands of Californians, fund substance abuse treatment, provide housing for veterans and help get those suffering from mental health crises off the streets and into care

Sacramento – Governor Gavin Newsom issued the following statement following the passage of Proposition 1: “This is the biggest change in decades in how California tackles homelessness, and a victory for doing things radically different. Proposition 1’s passage means we can begin repairing the damage caused by decades of broken promises and political neglect to those suffering from severe mental illness.

“Now, counties and local officials must match the ambition of California voters. This historic reform will only succeed if we all kick into action immediately – state government and local leaders, together. “It’s time to get to work.”

CSAP and SYASL will now focus efforts on the rollout of Proposition 1, especially with respect to the $6.4 billion in bond proceeds that can now be sold on Wall Street and start to fund the construction and expansion of facilities in California including for acute psychiatric and substance use disorders.