Eggman Package Update

The following bills from Senator Eggman’s Behavioral Health Package are heading to the Governor’s desk. Unfortunately, SB 970 ran into some last night, inter-house issues. So, for those of you keeping track, this leaves four CSAP co-sponsored bills out of what began as an eight bill package. Senator Eggman has already made it clear that she will re-introduce the other four ideas in the next session possibly as early as December 5.

  • SB 929 – Community mental health services: data collection
  • SB 1035 – Mental health services: assisted outpatient treatment
  • SB 1227 – Involuntary commitment: intensive treatment
  • SB 1238 – Behavioral health services: existing and projected needs

Cal-ACAP Sponsored Bill on JV-220 Forms Heads to the Governor

Cal-ACAP sponsored, and SYASL lobbied for SB 528 (Jones), which is heading to the Governor’s desk. This bill would clarify that upon approval by the juvenile court judicial officer of a request for authorization for the administration of psychotropic medication, the copy of the order provided to the foster youth’s care giver is required to include the last two pages of the form JV-220(A) or the last two pages of form JV-220(B) and all medication information sheets that were attached to either of those forms, as referenced in Rule 5.640 of the California Rules of Court. Additionally, this bill further clarifies that if the child changes placement, their social worker or probation officer is required to provide the new caregiver with these same documents. Cal-ACAP sponsored this bill knowing that foster youth, some of our most vulnerable children, frequently change the health providers they see or the foster families they live with, for reasons beyond their control. Oftentimes, their changing lives lead to a loss of critical health records, such as the prescription of antidepressants, mood stabilizers, antipsychotics, and other psychotropic medications. SB 528 will clarify existing law by ensuring that the foster youth’s caregiver is provided with important court documents upon approval to take psychotropic medications so that medical providers have an accurate picture of their current and past health history. SYASL is proud of Priscilla Quiroz’s tenacity and savvy in finding a way to get this bill to the Governor.

CSAP Supported Bills / Legislative Matrices

CSAP supported dozens of bills that made it to the Governor. SYASL expects the overwhelming majority of these bills to become law. You may view the most up-to-date matrix of bills on Conservatorship / LPS Reform here. You may view the matrix of all other bills tracked by CSAP here.